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Work and travel in a way that suits your ambitions and lifestyle! We have permanent, hybrid and flexible roles available across all staff groups and can also provide employment opportunities for your friends and family so they can travel with you.

Discover more about the different types of roles available on the Talent Exchange Programme:

1. Permanent Placement into permanent or ‘substantive’ roles across all sites at Barts Health NHS Trust.

This role allows you to move to the UK on a Health & Care Visa, which most qualified healthcare givers will be eligible for. You will be employed on a permanent, full time contract with the trust and will receive relocation support during and after your arrival in the UK.

Who is it for? This position is ideal for those looking to make a permanent (or longer-term, 5+ years) move to the UK.

What visa do I need? You can move with family on the type of Visa, as your dependents. Please speak to your recruitment or concierge partner for more information about this or find out more here.

2. Hybrid Placement into a part-time role at Barts Health NHS Trust on a permanent contract as well as joining the staff bank at the Trust to work additional hours flexibly as and when you want.

Who is it for? These roles are ideal for those looking for more flexibility in their working life, but still requiring the security for pre-determined income and hours. You may be eligible to move with dependents, but please speak your recruitment or concierge partner for more information about this and review the information below.

What visa do I need? The type of visa you can use for this type of employment will depend on the hours you work on the permanent contract and the type of role, but are likely to include the Health & Care Visa, the Youth Mobility Visa and/or the Ancestry visa. You can find more information about these visas and who is eligible here.

3. Bank only Placement is a flexible contracts via the Barts Staff Bank on a truly flexible working contract.

Who is it for? This could be the ideal opportunity to travel and see Europe – potentially with friends and family who are also eligible for a visa to the UK. This role is ideal for anyone looking to gain experience of working in the UK, while retaining the flexibility to travel around work, creating the ultimate work/life balance.

What visa do I need? These roles can only be worked if you are eligible for an Ancestry or Youth Mobility visa. You may be eligible to move with dependents, but please speak your recruitment or concierge partner for more information about this and review the information here.

Whichever role you chose to pursue, we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process. You will have a dedicated pre-offer consultant who will help you make the best choice for you, your family and your friends about the type of role you would like to apply for. They will support you through the entire interview process, with preparation advice and support in anything you may need.

Following your offer, our concierge team will give you dedicated support throughout registration (with NMC, GMC or HCPC) and the visa process as well as guidance for flights, accommodation and your move as a whole. We will meet you at the airport and make sure you have everything you need when you arrive and during your employment with the Trust.

You will receive different methods of financial support depending on the role type you choose – please speak with your recruitment partner who will be happy to provide you with the detail relating to relocation packages and bonuses that you will be eligible for.

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