Recommend your friends to Pulse

Good things are worth sharing. That’s why when you introduce your friends and colleagues to Pulse, we say thank you with a great reward. With no limit to the number of referrals you can make, the more people you refer to us the more you can earn. What are you waiting for?

How it works

Tell your friend about working with Pulse
Refer them to us
Your friend starts working with Pulse
We’ll pay you the reward*
Repeat as many times as you like

Before you recommend your friend, you must obtain their permission to provide their personal information to us. We will tell your friend that you have recommended them to us when we contact them. 

*Terms and conditions apply

Rewards & benefits

You’ll receive a range of excellent rewards and recognition for your hard work.


You’ll be given expert training, support and advice to ensure you progress in your career.


Benefit from our reputation for commitment to the highest standards of quality and compliance.