Engagement champions

Giving a voice to our people.

What is an engagement champion?

We believe that involving our people in decisions that affect their future, increases awareness of the bigger picture, and overall job satisfaction. That’s why we created engagement champion roles. Our engagement champions play a key role in understanding and communicating the ideas, views and experiences of their team; making sure that people in every division have a voice. 

The duties of an engagement champion include: 

  •  Sharing best practice 
  • Organising charity and social events 
  • Sharing information about the team/business  
  • Encouraging your team to participate, share feedback and ideas  
  • Identifying what’s working well and areas for improvement  
  • Promoting the great things we’re doing and the progress we make  
  • Working with managers to continue to ensure that this is a great place to work for everyone  

The role is open to everyone and each year new champions are appointed, so the best thing about our engagement champion scheme is that everyone gets the opportunity to make a difference.  

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