East London NHS Foundation Trust

Master vendor for all vacancies within allied health, health science services, psychological therapies, acute doctors and psychiatry doctors.

Formed in 2000, ELFT has long been recognised as a centre of excellence for mental health care, innovation and improvement. ELFT provides a wide range of community and inpatient services to children, young people, adults of working age, older adults and forensic services to the City of London, Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Bedfordshire and Luton.  Their ambition is to make a positive difference by providing people with mental and community health care services that support their recovery. And help them to achieve the most fulfilling lives possible.

ELFT was named Trust of the Year at the Patient Safety Awards 2015, and winner of the Staff Engagement Award at the Health Service Journal awards in 2015. In September 2016, ELFT was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission and in November 2016, received the Health Service Journal's Provider Trust of the Year Award.

To hear more about these exclusive Pulse vacancies, contact one of our dedicated ELFT teams:

Allied Health team

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Psychological Therapies team

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Acute doctors team

Phone: 0207 456 1456
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Psychiatry doctors team

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