You said, we did

The latest Viewpoint updates for nursing, midwifery and theatre professionals.

We’ve been busy behind the scenes evaluating our latest Viewpoint survey results and would like to update you about some of the exciting improvements we are making. 

Work opportunities

Your feedback tells us that some of you feel restricted by only working in one specialty and would like more choice when it comes to the settings you’re able to work within.

Our clinical team has been exploring the possibility of how our workforce can utilise their clinical skills and knowledge and adapt it safely and competently to alternative specialties. Depending on your skills and experience, we’ve identified the following areas where you’d be able to work cross-specialty:

  • Paediatric A&E to general paediatric wards
  • Adult A&E to general medical/surgical wards
  • Adult ITU/HDU to general medical/surgical wards
  • Adult psychiatric liaison and community psychiatric nurses to general mental health wards

If you’re interested in working across another speciality, please get in touch with your consultant and let them know what this is. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and you will be required to complete a transferable skills assessment.


Thank you for answering the extra questions in the last survey regarding communication.

  • 63% of you feel we consider your personal preferences and contact you at times that suit you
  • 77% of you are happy with the frequency of our communication
  • 59% of you feel in control to personalise when, how frequently and by what means we communicate with you

As a reminder, please speak to your consultant if you have a preferred method of how we keep in touch with you. We’re more than happy to tailor our contact method to suit you.

Some of you have expressed that on occasion, communication can break down when consultants are on annual leave. We acknowledge this feedback and have now put more robust internal processes in place to ensure you don’t experience this in the future.

Shift availability

When it comes to the variety of shifts we offer, we’re so pleased that most of you have experienced improvements here. Your feedback tells us that you’ve noticed a wider variety of shifts over the past few months, which is great to hear. 

We strive to add all shifts to ipoint for you to view and book at your leisure, and our teams have recently undertaken updated ipoint training, so we are able to address any issues that are raised more efficiently with the aim to troubleshoot these on the spot.

If there’s a specific type of shift that you can’t find on ipoint, your consultant will be happy to try and proactively source the work you’re looking for.

How do I search for shifts on ipoint?

Client feedback

It’s not just about your experience with Pulse. We also want to make sure you’re happy in the environment you’re working in and continue to regularly pass on your feedback in client meetings.

One area of focus for us is some of you not having access to electronic patient records while on shift. While this is led by the hospitals and trusts you’re working with and can therefore vary, we’ve since contacted the relevant organisations to find out if there is a solution. We hope to come back to you soon with more information on this.  


We’re giving our nurses, midwives, and ODPs the chance to earn a bonus of up to £1,000* between now and 02 January 2022.

We’ve created personalised reward plans for each of you based on the number of hours you worked from 21 June 2021 – 19 September 2021 (qualifying period).

All you need to do is work the same, or more hours (depending on your plan) between 04 October – 02 January 2022 than you did in the ‘qualifying period’, and you’re in line to receive a cash bonus.

The more hours you work, the bigger the bonus you earn – it’s that simple.

You will find your rewards plan in your inbox. If you need us to resend this to you, please reach out to your consultant here at Pulse.

Thanks once again for your participation in our most recent Viewpoint survey. Your feedback really does make a difference, and we will continue to share the improvements we are making with you.