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The latest Viewpoint updates for nursing, midwifery and theatre professionals.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our latest Viewpoint survey, we received 3% more submissions for the latest survey, giving us more insights than ever before. We love hearing about your experience with us and we’re delighted to share more about the actions that have happened as a direct result of your feedback.


We understand that at times it has been difficult to get in contact with our teams, especially during the pandemic. Following your feedback, we have implemented the following to improve our communication with you:

  • We’ve consolidated all phone numbers into one. So, regardless of what operations team you want to speak to (bookings, compliance, etc.), you can do so on 0333 577 3410. Please save this number.
  • We’re currently working on using the telephone number above as a caller ID, so soon you’ll know it’s us that’s calling you.
  • We understand that at times we can contact you too much. To ensure you only receive the shift notifications you want, we’ve implemented notification preferences for our SMS updates. Please speak to your consultant about your preferences.
  • We’ve upgraded our website, making it easier than ever to find out the information you need.

Shifts provided

We’ve worked tirelessly to gain new business opportunities to ensure we continue to offer you a wide variety of shifts. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • During the height of the pandemic, we secured a high volume of work to assist Covid testing and we developed services to support businesses to return to work safely. While these opportunities are ongoing, we continue to source alternative work opportunities while elective care continues to bounce back.
  • Since securing a place on all NHS frameworks, we’ve been busy engaging with NHS Trusts across the country to seek more opportunities for you.
  • Agency workers provide important yet flexible staffing solutions for healthcare providers. Due to the nature of agency work, our shifts are susceptible to cancellations that are out of our control. We know this can be frustrating, so we’ve invested in technology that enables us to act on cancelations quicker and offer you alternative shifts within your skillset and region. We have reduced cancelations by 50% over the last 18 months, and we continue to focus our efforts to improve on this.


You said you wanted more clarity around the different payment options available when working via Pulse. Although we cannot provide financial advice, we’ve created a payment guide for agency nurses, giving you the information you need around the various pay mechanisms and what to expect in your pay packet.

To help you to get ahead in your career, we’ve introduced a range of online training courses that you can access at no cost. Please speak to your consultant if you are interested in attending any of these courses:

  • Anaphylaxis awareness
  • Catheterisation – awareness model (not practical)
  • Dementia awareness
  • Enteral feeding awareness
  • Epilepsy awareness
  • Mental health awareness
  • Palliative care awareness (SNG)
  • Phrenic nerve stimulator
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • Sepsis awareness
  • Suicide and self-harm prevention


We’ve taken on board your comments around our registration process, so as part of our new website we’ve improved our registration process. The new process allows users to register and complete our compliance portal without the need to speak to a member of our team. The results so far are extremely promising, with nurses registering and becoming compliant within as little as four working days.


We continue to listen to your feedback around ipoint and over the last few months we’ve improved the functionality of the app. This is part of our on-going efforts to improve the self-booking process for our nursing professionals.

To avoid confusion, and to ensure we’re focusing all our development efforts in one place, we’ve discontinued the older version of the app. The latest app has all the features of the previous app, plus many more:

  • Travel time – you can see your distance in mileage from home to each shift.
  • Skills profile – the shifts you can see on ipoint depend on the skills you have as a nurse. View your skills in the ‘My profile’ section on the app dashboard. If there’s any skills missing, let us know and unlock access to even more shifts.
  • Single sign on – we’ve implemented single sign on across our apps and digital platforms, meaning you only need one user name and password to get in to your various Pulse accounts (ipoint, Join Pulse).

Future updates we’re working on:

  • Timesheets – we’re developing a feature that will enable you to submit timesheets via ipoint. No more paper!
  • Shift search filters – we’re making it easier to search for shifts.
  • Shift confirmation – soon you’ll be able to see when your shift is confirmed.

Learn more about ipoint app features

Thanks once again for your participation in our Viewpoint surveys.  Your feedback really can make a difference to your experience with us.