You said, we did

The latest Viewpoint updates for allied health professionals.

We’ve gone through all of your feedback and can’t wait to tell you about the improvements we’ve been working on as a result. Thanks to the responses we receive each quarter, we’ve already been able to make many of the changes you told us you’d like to see in previous editions and now we’ve got even more future developments to share with you for this year.

As a result of existing solutions we’ve implemented, along with the work our teams have been doing to deliver excellent customer service, were delighted that customer satisfaction has improved once again, to 85%. We’re so pleased that these surveys appear to be continuously driving a better service for you, and we remain committed to continuously improving.

With that in mind, read more about our latest updates below, including our ongoing plans for future change.

Rewards and recognition

You want more celebration of your hard work – and we agree. Your dedication, compassionate care and the positive impact you have on your patients’ lives deserves shouting about. That’s why we’ve brought in our fantastic Healthcare Hero awards scheme, which names a winner every single month. Make sure you’re following our social media accounts where we announce the winners at the end of every month.

The tokens of our appreciation don’t end there though. As well as monthly awards, we’re planning to hold an annual awards event for you and have started to make progress towards ways we can further support your career development, and CPD opportunities. We will of course be seeking your feedback on this in the very near future so we can ensure these will meet all your requirements.

Timesheet and payment process

If you work directly with an organisation or trust, (otherwise known as direct engagement and portals) you will be pleased to hear we’re working on improving the information available to you. This will give you a better understanding of which platforms can be used, along with how and when to use them. We will still provide handy user guides when making a booking; however, don’t forget our dedicated and friendly team is always on hand to support you if you ever have any questions.

Customer service

We are committed to delivering high standards of customer service, which is why we have rolled out regular training schemes for our team. This will allow them to continue updating their knowledge, resulting in a continuously enhanced experience for you, at every stage – from registration right through to aftercare.

Thank you once again for taking the time to complete our Viewpoint surveys. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us bring you the best possible experience. We take the time to read through every response carefully, turning your insights into real change. We’d really appreciate it if you continue to share your thoughts, as you continue your career journey with us.