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Managing your shifts

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Issues logging in

If you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘Forgotten Password?’ on the home page and follow the steps to get a new password.

If you’re still having issues or are unsure of your username, select ‘Need Help?’, where you’ll be prompted to email or call the ipoint help desk. 

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When you log in, the first screen you see will be ‘My Settings’.

From here, you can choose the ipoint profile that you want to look at in this section from Nursing, to Pulse at Home

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Navigation menu

The menu on the left hand side will allow you to navigate all parts of ipoint. 

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Availability Calendar

The benefits of adding your availability are:

  • Filters through thousands of shifts
  • Only shifts that match your availability will be shown
  • Receive messages about your favourite shifts

You can update your availability using the calendar. 

Using the availability tabs, you can add when you’ll be available – whether it be for days, nights, morning or afternoon, it’s all there.

Our recommended shifts function will notify you of the shifts we think are suitable for you, based on previous shifts worked and your availability.

Holiday mode tells us when you’re not around - meaning we won’t contact you until you return.

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You can now personalise your recommended shift alerts directly in the app.

You can select your preferred shift type (early, late, long day, night, and twilight) and up to three of your favourite clients (filtered by trust, hospital, and unit).

You can choose and edit your preferences at any time by selecting 'edit my notifications' in the 'my profile' section.

When a shift comes up that matches your preferences, you'll be automatically alerted and taken through to the app to book. 

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Finding a shift

There are a range of filters to help narrow down your search when finding a shift.


  • The ‘match my availability’ filter shows you any shifts which align with the dates and times you have inputted when you are free to work in the calendar.

All shifts

  • You can now view all shifts available. When using this filter, you will be prompted with an additional filter, ‘shift type’, to help narrow down your search.

Hospital and ward filters

  • Hospital and ward filters are multi-selectable.
  • The ward filter will only appear if only one hospital is selected.
  • If no hospital, or multiple hospitals are selected you are unable to search by ward.

Date range

  • To search for shifts within a specific date range, use the dates filter.


  • The band filter is multi-select but will only show bands you are skilled to do.


  • The skills filter is multi-select and will only show those applicable to you 


  • Distance is shown in miles from your home address and will default to 40 miles.

*If your postcode needs updating, please inform your consultant.

If you've used the filters and leave or log out of the app, it will remember the last filters you used, so you don’t need to re-enter them for your next search.



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No shifts found

If no shifts are found, try widening your search. Updating your availability will increase the number of shifts shown.

If you’re still not seeing anything please contact the ipoint team on ipoint.servicedesk@@acaciumgroup.com.

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Viewing a shift

The results from your search will be shown in a list view all on one page. Click on the tile to find out information and rates.




Booking a shift

You can self-book on any available shift you choose. To book straight away from the results page just click “book”.



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Direct booking a shift

If you are someone who books directly with the hospital and informs your consultant of shifts, you can do this via ipoint at anytime that suits you. 

Simply access direct bookings from either the dashboard (image 1) by clicking "Tell us about a booking" or the "My shifts" (image 2) by clicking "Add a self-booked shift". Then fill in the details about the booking (image 3).

If you can't see this feature or the specific trust or hospital/unit please get in contact with your consultant to enable it or email shifts@pulsejobs.com.



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Confirming a shift

Once you have booked onto a shift, it will show as provisional until your consultant has confirmed you’re working with the client.

Upon confirmation, your booking will show as booked in ipoint, in the “my shifts” section.

You will also receive a text to confirm your shift has been booked.

If you are booked directly onto a shift by your consultant and your shift is showing as provisional, you will need to call your consultant to confirm your shift.

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ipoint confirm shift screen 


Shift information

For each shift, you can view all details including start and end times, to how long your break will be.

You can also view the rate per hour by the payment method you prefer, before booking your shift.


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My shifts

In this section you can see all of your booked shifts, the shifts you have worked and those that we recommend for you. 

For worked shifts highlighted in yellow, this means you have not yet been paid. For worked shifts highlighted in black then you’ll have been paid.

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In this section you can view expired, expiring and current compliance documents.

If you would like to update your compliance, you can email or call the team from the app.

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In this section you can view your received and processed timesheets. Clicking on the arrow will display further details as such as shift start and finish times.

 If you have any queries relating to your timesheets please contact payroll for more information;

  • Payroll London - 01992 474 973, london.payroll@pulsejobs.com
  • Payroll outside London - 01992 474 983, payroll@pulsejobs.com

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