Tips for living alone during the coronavirus outbreak

Many of us choose to live alone because of the freedom it brings. But in times like this, that freedom can quickly turn into precisely the opposite. We’re cut off from our usual social activities and forced to adapt so we can protect our physical health. But what about our mental wellbeing? Amid the changes and necessary isolation, how do we focus on the positives and keep loneliness at bay?

Accept what you can and can’t control

It’s all too easy to waste our energy on wishing things were different. But acceptance plays such a key role in how we face and navigate each day. The first step to managing isolation when you live alone is coming to terms with what you can and can’t control.

By placing your focus on everything you still have autonomy over, you will be better positioned to face whatever the day throws your way.

Structure your day

Now is the time to be crystal clear with your decision making. Set yourself a routine that you know you can stick to and be realistic about what you can achieve in a day. You can always do more if you have the time and energy but setting yourself too much and then ‘underachieving’ is likely to put you in a negative headspace.

Try to get up and go to bed at the same times each day; this can help give you some predictability in an otherwise uncertain time. Similarly, structure your day so that you have clearly defined meal times and dedicated time(s) for exercise.

Explore your creative side

When you flex your creative muscles, you are engaging with and stimulating your mind. Creativity is truly immersive, so much so that it can greatly improve your concentration; it can even slow your heart rate and help to lower levels of stress or anxiety.

There’s no better time than today to start your creative journey. And the best part? From knitting to DIY, creativity comes in all different shapes and sizes. Have fun exploring and experimenting until you find something that works for you.

Embrace and distract

It could be a puzzle, movie marathon, yoga practice or video chat with your friends. Take this opportunity to lean into whatever brings you joy; if something serves as a positive distraction during this time of uncertainty, embrace it.

Would we normally spend our weekends doing colouring in or tackling a 1000-piece jigsaw? Probably not. But these times are strange, and we need to adapt in order to look after not just our physical health but our mental health too.

Stay connected

We are often warned about being ‘too connected’. And it’s worrying, nowadays, how reliant we can be on our devices. But in this current climate, our phones have become our saviours; with the click of a button, we can so easily stay in touch with our nearest and dearest through the power of technology.

It’s not quite the same as having your friends round, going out for a meal, or doing the local pub quiz, but technology is stepping in to do the job of bringing us closer. You will be pleasantly surprised at how significantly it can ease any feelings of loneliness.

We want to hear from you

Are you living on your own during the coronavirus outbreak? Have you got any suggestions or advice on how to navigate the situation? We would love to hear from you; please leave us a comment below or send us your tips via any of our social channels.

Whether you are living alone or with others, the number one priority is to stay safe during this time. Take each day as it comes and remember to focus on doing what is right for you.

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