Spreading positivity amid COVID-19

During this time, news about the coronavirus and its far-reaching impacts continue to dominate the media. It can feel a little inescapable and for many of us, can be detrimental to our psychological wellbeing.

Of course, it is vital we stay up-to-date with any measures or changing guidelines that are put in place to help protect us. However, it’s also important that we temper the way in which we access and consume the news. Interspersing your daily feeds with a little more positivity can go a long way in lifting your spirits. In this blog, we’ve listed a variety of online resources which focus solely on spreading good news.


Upworthy have a substantial following on social media, but also a popular newsletter where they share their positive stories. Upworthy cover just about everything from free Broadway shows that are streaming online to COVID-19 recovery stories.

Kind World

Kind World is a podcast which celebrates tales of kindness from around the world. The content that is discussed is truly uplifting and helps to restore or strengthen our faith in humanity.

Uplifting stories from BBC News

Here, the BBC have created a feed of all their uplifting stories; from socially distant birthday wishes to fundraising triumphs and much more, this page is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Good News Movement

Spreading stories of generosity, positivity and kindness from around the globe, the Good News Movement has a host of share-worthy content that will lift your spirits.

Some Good News (SGN)

In his YouTube show, presenter John Krasinski highlights some of the positive stories from around the world. He invites others to share their own feel-good updates by using #SomeGoodNews.


If you know of any resources we’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to add your suggestions in the comment box below. Let’s work together to spread some positivity in these difficult times.

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