Exciting opportunities in nursing – become a Functional Assessor

Are you a registered nurse with at least two years of experience? Are you looking for a new challenge that will take advantage of your existing clinical skills, training and experience whilst also allowing a more regular shift pattern to fit your lifestyle? Then becoming a Functional Assessor may be the perfect opportunity for you!

What is a Functional Assessor?

The role of a Functional Assessor is relatively new but essentially it involves meeting clients within an office based environment with physical and mental health disabilities to help analyse and establish the impact their disability has on their day-to-day life. This analysis will form a clinical report to help those being assessed for new claims or existing claims to gain the support they need.

Part of your role will involve analysing and interpreting clinical information and medical evidence to breakdown and include as part of the report for the Department of Work and Pensions.

Who can become a Functional Assessor?

Nurses of varying backgrounds can apply but those who are Registered General Nurses (RGNs) with a background as a practice nurse, A&E nurse, surgical nurse or community nurse may find they are most suited to the role due to the wide-ranging skills they possess.

Other requirements include:

  • An NMC registration
  • At least two years post qualification nursing experience (across any speciality – excluding nursing homes or theatres)
  • IT literate and confident using a range of software

As full training is provided you don’t need to have any previous experience in this role so it really is open to everyone!

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So what’s it like being a Functional Assessor?

We asked one of our fantastic team Jasmin Heer who recruits Functional Assessor’s to work for a number of areas to answer some questions about the role.

What do you think makes a good Functional Assessor?

From my experience the people who have been shortlisted and had strong CVs that they’ve liked, have been people who have had varied positions. For example, people who have worked in different acute settings – A&E and then moved to an acute surgical ward – or perhaps even worked solidly in particular areas they’ve liked which are primary care. They might have worked solidly as a Practice Nurse or solidly as a Custody Nurse or something like that. They really like those experiences. It’s an overall foundation of experience they really look for.

Another thing that makes a good Functional Assessor is using your own clinical knowledge and abilities to work autonomously. Although you do have Doctors, Nurses and Physios you can lean upon as part of a wider team the Functional Assessor role does mean working quite independently. You will be seeing people face-to-face for individual appointments and using your nursing knowledge and abilities to make your own assessments.

What three qualities should every Functional Assessor have?

Firstly, a sound clinical knowledge and ability, that is an absolute must.

Next would be the ability to multitask effectively because once you do your appointments with a claimant it’s a real follow up process. You have to take care of the administrative side of things which includes collating the medical reports and your own analysis and sending it off to meet deadlines.

Finally, the ability to work to targets. You are seeing around five or six appointments per day and you have to be able to work to those targets to succeed.

How can someone prepare for an interview to become a Functional Assessor?

One of the great things about applying through us is that we offer detailed interview preparation. Anyone that is shortlisted for the position with us would have one-to-one guidance. This involves being sent a document with questions that are likely to be asked and pointers on things to look at before the interview. Then three or four days before the interview we have a call with them and we go through the questions and give our feedback on things we liked, things they can improve upon and even things we recommend researching a little more before the interview.

Other than that, we would just say it’s really important to take the time to research the organisation thoroughly and the job. It’s not just dealing with new claims, there’s so much to it and it really does draw on so many skills. It asks you to connect your clinical knowledge with your instincts as you need to ask yourself whether people are being genuine about their abilities to make sure you make the best recommendation possible.

Researching, preparing and really understanding the job role is so key to be successful.

What are the benefits of working as a Functional Assessor?

There are loads of benefits! Firstly, it’s a fantastic organisation you would be working with that offers really good support for nurses. They help with a variety of things including revalidation and training to ensure that you are set up to succeed in the job.

One of the bits that I find people really love is the fact that it’s Monday to Friday. No weekends, no night shifts. For nurses who are looking to come away from that varied shift pattern of twelve hour long shifts, it really is a fantastic opportunity to have a good work life balance.

It’s also great if you only want to do it for a few years and then go back to clinical because you do maintain skills and keep your NMC registration.

Describe the role of a Functional Assessor in 15 words or less!

Unique nursing opportunity to make a difference using your skills outside of a clinical setting.

What’s in it for you?

As well as a competitive salary and regular Monday to Friday working hours, there are also other great health and wellbeing benefits. If you’d like to find out more about the role you can get in touch with our team by calling Jasmin on 0208 167 5374 or emailing Jasmin at jasmin.heer@pulsejobs.com.

To see the full job advert, click here.

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