Navigating the job market during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought with it many uncertainties, but as we progress into a “new normal”, it’s more apparent than ever before that life doesn’t stop moving. As such, navigating the job market has changed; here’s how.

When applying for jobs, patience is essential

Applying for a new job can be anything from an exciting to a slightly daunting experience. Keep in mind, we’re all human, and we understand that feeling.

Whether you’re applying on NHS Jobs or via an agency job board, the main difference nowadays comes down to locating the right opportunities.

Finding the right job is important. In some cases, the pandemic has made it a little harder to apply for roles directly, due to the changing landscape with recruitment. Registering with an agency can be a good way of navigating this; staffing agencies receive direct updates on vacancy needs from healthcare services. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, it might be worth exploring your options via an agency to ensure you don’t miss out.

At Pulse, we have long-standing, exclusive relationships with healthcare clients across the UK and beyond. As a result, we have access to thousands of rewarding opportunities for healthcare professionals like you. Our job is to find you a role that not only matches your skills and requirements but suits your preferences too. To view our latest vacancies, please click here.

Online interviews

Not all the professions and roles we recruit for require an interview. In cases where one is needed, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your qualities, experience and personality to your potential new employer. With COVID-19, almost all job interviews are currently being carried out via video platforms, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to create an account on all three and familiarise yourself with each platform.

With technology playing such a large part of daily life, it’s essential to get that first impression right. Ensure that you factor in preparation time; this includes making sure your system runs smoothly, and the interviewer can see and hear you clearly. We’d suggest doing a test run with a friend, so that you’re ready and can avoid any delays on the day.

With an online interview, you are in control of the location. When preparing, find an area without distractions that could draw focus away from the interview itself. Keep your space clean and dress professionally so as to reflect the significance of the job to you.

Finally, looking your interviewer in the eye can be harder in a virtual setting, but it’s important to maintain eye contact nonetheless.

Starting your new job

In your first week, you may be meeting team members online and undergoing virtual onboarding or training. It’s not easy to get an idea of the work culture and interact with team members because of this. Try to arrange calls with your new colleagues to make more personal introductions and start building those key relationships.

Finally, be flexible. Working arrangements might be adapting and evolving for some time, and you may need to make some adjustments to ensure things work as best they can for you. Know that it’s new ground for everyone and things will adjust with time. Most importantly, if you are on-site in a hospital, you should check the protocol around PPE and any other COVID-related guidelines that have been implemented.

Looking ahead

With time, our resilience and the lessons we are learning throughout COVID-19 will shape us and help secure a brighter future.

Be patient, be confident and be flexible.

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