Mobilising a workforce for the Nightingale London ExCel

Pulse and Bank Partners are part of Acacium Group, the largest supplier of healthcare staff and services in Europe. When COVID-19 began to impact the UK population significantly, Bank Partners was tasked with supplying a workforce to the NHS Nightingale London ExCel, along with a complete staff management solution. The account management team was formed by taking members of staff who were specialists in their fields on secondment from Acacium Group companies to lead the newly formed team.

Pulse played a critical part in this process, helping the group-wide solution to mobilise a workforce of over 300 people for the NHS Nightingale London ExCel.

Working collaboratively, Pulse assisted Bank Partners with a full recruitment process outsourcing approach, including the provision of a dedicated account team who were responsible for determining the appropriate resourcing strategy and, ultimately, delivering.

In the context of an emergency, our response was different to usual; we worked more flexibly and more concertedly in partnership with other Acacium Group companies to develop a bespoke delivery model and mobilise the workforce required in a time of national crisis.

To avoid early bottlenecks in the induction process, Pulse helped find a variety of staff that were aligned to the NHS Nightingale’s clinical requirements. And in order to get candidates ready for their duties, they had to attend inductions held at the O2 before being allocated a Nightingale role. Doing this ensured all healthcare workers met the criteria and qualifications to support the complex requirements of the patients being treated at NHS Nightingale.

Thanks to the robust partnerships within the Acacium Group, Pulse supported Bank Partners to resource, validate and train over 300 healthcare workers across all specialties in under five weeks. This supply highlighted some key learnings which will prove valuable in the future. We believe the lessons learnt here will help shape the workforce resourcing and capability strategy at an STP level in support of their progression to an integrated care system by April 2021.

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Further insight

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