How to find more time to read

Some of the busiest people on our planet are also avid readers. Reading sparks your creativity, helps you grow your understanding of complex problems and grows you intellectually, while at the same time, reading is a very relaxing activity. But how do we make time to read?

Here are our eight top tips that will help you achieve your goal of reading more.

  1. Schedule regular times for reading
    When you carve out a chunk of time in your calendar to read, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable. Taking time for yourself is healthy, and reading is a great way to fit in some alone time.
  2. Set a goal per reading session
    If you don’t have the habit of reading big chunks of text at a time, set reading goals per session. For example, you can challenge yourself to read 50 pages before putting your book aside, or to finish a chapter before you move to the next task.
  3. Exchange TV shows and movies for books
    At the end of a long shift, watching your favourite tv show sounds like the greatest idea in the world. Maybe instead of watching two or three episodes, just watch one and exchange the other hour for reading time. That way you get the best of both worlds and still manage to make progress on that novel you’ve been meaning to read.
  4. Don’t leave the house without reading material
    Always keep a book or reading device in your bag. You never know when you’ll have a couple of minutes of downtimes to read a few pages here and there.
  5. Set up a special reading place with no distractions
    You can do all the scheduling and timing you want, but if you don’t have a comfortable place to read without distractions, it’s not going to do any good. This place is different for everyone, but the idea is simple- find a place where you’re comfortable and can read in peace without thinking about checking your phone or cleaning the house.
  6. Alternate between genres
    One of the easiest ways to keep the flow of reading steady is to alternate between genres.
  7. If you aren’t enjoying a book, stop reading it
    Ignore what you ‘should’ be reading – while you might find inspiration in lists of best books, read for yourself. Putting pressure on yourself in terms of reading what the rest of the world tells you to read only brings you so far. If you read based on your own interest and joy, you will find yourself making more time to read out of excitement for the book or topic.
  8. Join a book club
    Join a book club that meets once a month. Being part of a group will help motivate you to continue reading. You wouldn’t want to be the one who’s missed out on last week’s chapter, would you?

We hope these tips help you. Happy reading!

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