COVID-19: adjusting to the new normal

The phrase ‘new normal’ is just about everywhere these days. But what does it mean? Are we back to normality, or are we adjusting to a new version of our daily lives? Things in the UK are slowly returning to something we can better recognise; high street shops are greeting customers, pubs and restaurants are opening their doors, and even travel seems more viable. But things have changed. And with that change, many people are experiencing heightened difficulties with their mental health.

In this blog, we’re looking at ways to help you navigate and adapt to the multiple and evolving forms of ‘normal’. If you have any other suggestions that we’ve missed, leave us a comment and let us know.

Stay up to date with the changes

For one reason or another, there has been some confusion with the changing regulations. In the context of an ever-evolving situation, the important thing is to stay informed. Before you are going out shopping, taking public transport or getting dinner out, be sure that you fully understand the restrictions, policies and guidance in your local area. Awareness is half the battle, and this should help to keep you and others around you safe.

Take things step by step

‘New’ and ‘daunting’ can feel synonymous. So, try taking a step back and thinking about your capabilities and what you are comfortable with. If that means not resuming life as it was before the lockdown restrictions and regulations, then so be it. It helps if you stay mindful of your boundaries so that you can better navigate situations that may be challenging, or proactively seek support to help you get through them.

Be kind to yourself

Try to show yourself kindness as you navigate the changes and adjustments. This kindness could take several different forms as it should be personal to you. Perhaps that means taking time to journal about your feelings and how you are managing day-to-day. It could also mean practising more self-care, such as implementing a proper bedtime routine or cooking yourself nice, nourishing food.

There is a lot we cannot control at present, but we can control our narrative; make sure it’s a kind one.

Seek support if you need it

If things are feeling overwhelming, you should familiarise yourself with the support available. From reaching out to friends and family, to seeking professional help, vocalising what you are going through can make a tremendous difference. We’ve listed some external resources below which provide more information.

Mental Health Foundation
NHS: mental health helplines
NHS: mental health services

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