5 warning signs for eating disorders

Today marks the start of the 2018 Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The theme of this year’s week is ‘Why Wait?’. On average, someone suffers from an eating disorder for almost three years before they decide to seek help. Given that there is a direct correlation between the sooner someone receives treatment and the likelihood of them being able to make a full and fast recovery, we feel it is important to highlight some of the key warning signs.

Unfortunately, warning signs are not always easy to detect, because often the person suffering feels shame and guilt about their disorder, so hide their symptoms. Warning signs appear in physical, psychological and behavioural manners, so there are many different aspects to look out for if you think someone may be suffering.

Below, we have listed some of the most common signs to look out for if you’re concerned that someone you know might have an eating disorder.

  1. Repetitive dieting
  2. Sudden weight loss
  3. Constant fatigue
  4. Extreme negative body image
  5. Signs of frequent vomiting

It is important to note, however, not all of these symptoms are indicative of an eating disorder and someone could still be suffering with an eating disorder if they are not displaying these signs.

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