5 reasons to become a locum doctor

Some doctors initially have some reservations of taking the plunge in to locum work because of worries such as stability. The truth is that locum work isn’t for everyone, however some of the worries that detract doctors aren’t necessarily always correct and there are many positives to consider. Here are our top 5 reasons to become a locum doctor.

1. Learning

Through locum work you are given an insight in to a variety of different hospital environments. Working under different consultants and with different teams allows you to develop your experience and skills much faster than in a substantive position. This offers you the chance to build up strong knowledge and experience to help you progress in your career.

2. Enhanced pay rates

Generally – like in any profession – you will earn a better rate as a locum than you would in a permanent position. Also, due to the flexible nature of locum work, you have the chance to take on more shifts or hours if you need to earn a little extra money to pay for those treats in life such as that holiday or the new car you’ve always wanted.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is another great reason to consider the locum route. Tired of struggling to get annual leave signed off? Sick of always working late nights or early starts? This will no longer be a problem as you can plan your shifts around when you need time off, giving you the chance to create a better work-life balance simultaneously. Our highly skilled and dedicated recruitment teams have in depth market knowledge covering all specialities and geographical locations to ensure we get the right job for you.

4. Training

We know how important the opportunity to develop is for doctors. That’s why we offer our doctors the opportunity to gain extra training and CPD points for free. We have built an extensive online training system that allows our doctors to continue to develop their careers when and wherever they want.

5. Stability

We are contracted to the vast majority of the NHS Trusts via various frameworks and supplier agreements. Due to our long term relationships with our clients means that our doctors have the opportunity to build similar relationships with hospitals. This can allow many of our doctors to be used over and over again which can actually offer very strong stability once the trust has been built.

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