Why work in Jeddah?

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after Riyadh. Due to its coastal location, the climate here is more clement than in other parts of Saudi Arabia. Less conservative than Riyadh, it is nonetheless the principal gateway to Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, which all able-bodied Muslims are required to visit at least once in their lifetime. Jeddah is also a gateway to Medina, the second holiest place in Islam. This makes it an excellent location for Muslims looking to relocate from Europe. While life in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia on the whole is famously restrictive, Pulse staff live in compounds so have a more Western day-to-day existence; most compounds are cosmopolitan, social hubs, well equipped with a pool and a gym.

Working in the Middle East has many advantages, allowing you to immerse yourself in a new culture, enjoy glorious sunshine and perhaps even learn a new language, all while furthering your career. Given that the accommodation is paid for, and that rates of pay are excellent, many expats choose to work in Jeddah for a period to save money and return home having done exactly that. Being located in the Middle East also means many holiday destinations in Africa, India, Australia and South East Asia are a short distance away so you can see the world while working abroad. 

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