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At Pulse, we understand the vascular science field, and we’re dedicated to helping you find your perfect role. Wherever you want to work in the UK, you’ll find lots of great jobs to choose from.

Vascular science jobs

Take a look at our vascular science jobs. We offer a wide range of full-time and locum vascular scientist jobs across the UK. 

Vascular science jobs FAQs

How do I find vascular science jobs in the UK with Pulse?

Pulse is a leading vascular science recruitment agency. We’re dedicated to finding you the finest vascular scientist jobs in the UK, exactly where you want to work. We tap into our extensive network of partners to secure the best pay rates for you, always ensuring you receive a competitive salary for your hard work. 

Our teams are all about making your job search hassle-free and tailored to your needs. Join us today and join an agency that prioritises people over profits, so you can find the perfect vascular scientist job in the UK. 

Why choose Pulse to find my next vascular science job?

As one of the UK’s leading healthcare recruiters, we pride ourselves on removing the hassle from job searching and offer you a personalised and stress-free experience. 

Our team talk, listen and use their years of experience to connect you with the best possible vascular scientist jobs. We apply genuine thought when introducing you to clients, carefully matching not only your skill set but personality, culture and aspirations to ensure it’s the right fit for you. 

What are the benefits of working as a locum vascular scientist with Pulse?

As a locum vascular scientist, there is typically a very high demand for this you within the healthcare sector. By choosing to work in a locum vascular scientist job, you can gain certain benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily experience in a full-time role. These include having the ability to control your work-life balance with flexibility around your working hours and having the option for extra shifts on nights and weekends. 

Locum vascular scientists will earn significantly more than their permanent counterparts, so if you’re looking for increased earning and further flexibility, get in touch with us today.  

How much does a vascular scientist earn?

Salaries can differ based on experience level – for example, an SVT accredited Vascular Sonographer salary can be around £45,000 – £50,000. The full salary bands for a vascular scientist are: 

  • Band 7: £47-£55+ per hour umbrella
  • Band 8: £52-£60+ per hour umbrella
What areas are Pulse recruiting for vascular scientists in?

Searching for your next vascular science job? We’re the UK’s vascular scientist experts. We have a wide range of permanent and locum vascular scientist jobs within the NHS and private sector just waiting to be filled. Whether you’re based in a major city like London or Manchester, or in a smaller suburb, we have vascular scientist jobs wherever you’re located, due to our expansive network across the country. 

We have a variety of vascular sonographer/scientist vacancies available across all locations in the UK and Ireland with very competitive pay rates. The main role would be to help diagnose the following: transient ischaemic attack (TIA), stroke, aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease, deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins. 

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