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At Pulse, we have an exciting range of musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy jobs available across many different NHS trusts and private healthcare organisations in the UK. With over 30 years of experience working with allied health professionals, we know how to help you take your career to the next level. We’ll support you every step of the way in your job search, making sure that your next role is the right one for you.

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MSK physiotherapist jobs FAQs

What are the daily duties of an MSK physiotherapist?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapists specialise in assessing, diagnosing, and treating conditions affecting the muscles, joints, and bones. Daily duties revolve around helping people to improve their musculoskeletal health, regain optimal physical function, reduce pain, and enhance their quality of life.

You’ll carry out patient assessments to identify underlying causes of musculoskeletal issues. This will include reviewing a patient’s medical history, conducting physical examinations, and using diagnostic tools such as imaging to make an accurate diagnosis.

A key duty of an MSK physiotherapist is creating individualised treatment plans, which you’ll collaborate with the patient in implementing. These will typically incorporate exercises, manual therapy techniques (such as mobilisation and manipulation), pain management strategies, and education on injury prevention and self-care.

MSK physiotherapists guide patients through rehabilitation programmes designed to restore strength, flexibility, and function. You’ll provide hands-on treatments such as manual therapy, prescribe exercises, and use modalities like heat, ice, hydrotherapy or electrotherapy when appropriate.

Educating patients about their condition, treatment options, and self-management strategies is another vital part of the MSK physiotherapist’s role. You’ll teach people about their wider health, such as proper body mechanics, ergonomic principles, and lifestyle modifications to prevent further injury or recurrence.

Where can I work as an MSK physiotherapist?

MSK physiotherapy jobs can usually be found in hospitals, clinics, community health centres, GP surgeries, sports teams and clubs. You can also find opportunities in charities, educational settings, workplaces (usually as part of employee healthcare) and rehabilitation centres. Additionally, you may see roles available within the armed forces.

What skills and qualities do I need to be an MSK physiotherapist?

MSK physiotherapists should be strong communicators, with the ability to clearly explain treatment methods to patients and provide valuable information about their conditions.

It also helps to be physically fit to manage the hands-on aspect of the role, as well as having good organisation skills. You’ll be suited to this work if you are also empathetic, patient and adept at solving problems.

What MSK physiotherapy jobs are available with Pulse?

With our reputation for the highest standards, you can trust Pulse to bring you exciting MSK physiotherapy job opportunities. With locum work, temporary contracts or permanent roles available, you can grow your career in a way that best suits you.

We will provide you with access to a wide range of jobs across many different healthcare settings within the NHS and private sector. With preferred and sole supplier contracts with a variety of employers, you also have the chance to be put forward for roles you won’t find anywhere else.

What are the benefits of joining Pulse?

When joining Pulse, you’ll get first-class support from a dedicated team of recruitment consultants with specialist knowledge of your sector. We take excellent care of every allied health professional we work with, so you can expect to receive an exceptional service at every stage of your job search.

We have many other attractive rewards and benefits available to our community of allied health professionals, from competitive rates of pay to high-quality training opportunities. You’ll also gain access to a £300 bonus in our friend referral scheme, along with our daily payroll with a range of payment options.

Visit our rewards and benefits page to learn more about what is available to the allied health professionals working with us here at Pulse.

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Our recruitment team recognises the skills required to become a successful occupational therapist and uses this insight to find a you a job that is appropriate to your training and experience. We work hard to understand your career aspirations and help you make the best decisions to achieve them.

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We’re proud to have been awarded approved supplier status on all major NHS frameworks; meaning unlike some agencies, our healthcare professionals have access to vacancies at all major NHS trusts. These awards recognise our commitment to supplying highly qualified candidates, assure our quality and compliance, and acknowledge our excellent levels of service. Register with Pulse and get access to these jobs before they are available at other agencies.

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You’ll receive a range of excellent rewards and recognition for your hard work.


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