“My patient was genuinely sad when our time together came to an end.”

“My patient was genuinely sad when our time together came to an end”:  Pulse Allied Health Professional, Besmira, discusses her placement at world-leading East London NHS Foundation Trust

You may have heard us say that we put you first when finding your perfect role, giving you a direct route to incredible opportunities, and taking the time to understand your future goals. We love seeing our healthcare professionals happy and will make sure you feel this way from the very moment you register with us. But you don’t have to just take our word for it.  Why not hear first-hand from someone currently working through Pulse? After all, if you’re going to trust us with supporting your career, you’ll want to know all about what we can do for you from someone who knows.

One of our proudest partnerships is with East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), a world-leading trust who’ve been rated outstanding by the CQC for three consecutive years. ELFT recently hired Besmira, one of our allied health professionals. Besmira is enjoying bringing her skills to a respected role, covering a senior position. In our interview below, she tells us about her experience, from initial application, through to her first day and beyond. Not only have Besmira’s patients helped her find job satisfaction and affirmed her passion for her work, but she has also been given the opportunity to take on responsibilities that have increased her future job prospects.

How did you find the application process while pursuing roles with Pulse?

Applying for my role within ELFT was very simple, Pulse have a strong, long-standing relationship with the ELFT recruitment team, and I was able to apply, go to the interview and receive my start date within two weeks.

Did you feel like your consultant {or Pulse} supported you through this?

Yes, I do feel like I was supported by Pulse, mostly by my recruitment consultant Simone. She dealt with arranging my interview date, making sure I was fully prepared for it, then giving me the good news of acceptance. I was able to ask questions and raise any concerns I may have had.

Do you remember your first day at ELFT? Was it a good experience?

I do –  it was a positive and welcoming experience. It was pretty quiet as it is a community-based team, so most of my colleagues were out on home visits. I was met by my supervisor, who went through all the necessary codes of conduct, practices, policies and documentation with me. I then met with the rest of the team throughout the day and was extremely welcomed by them.

What has been your most memorable moment at ELFT so far?

My most memorable moment at ELFT so far would be seeing the progress in my patients. A particular patient, who was very reluctant to have any therapy, made such great improvements that she became emotional at the end of our time together. She and her family were extremely grateful as they had not been very hopeful in seeing much progress. Her family passed on a lovely compliment through her senior therapist, which made me want to continue giving my patients the best I can offer.

Have you progressed since you started with ELFT?

I have progressed since starting with ELFT, as I am currently filling a vacancy for a senior therapist. This means taking on tasks I may not have had the opportunity to do in other job roles. I have been given responsibilities I have learned a lot from, having struggled at times to figure things out. However, I’ve always had the support and guidance to get me through. This has been really beneficial, preparing me for many different situations in my field of work.

Can you see yourself staying with ELFT for the foreseeable future?

I do see myself staying with ELFT for the foreseeable future. I have plans to go back to university to complete a Master’s degree in my desired field of work. However, having worked within three major NHS London trusts, I believe ELFT has been the most beneficial and relevant for me. The ideal goal is to continue working within ELFT on placement while studying.  I would potentially apply for a full-time post graduate position after this.

If you’d like to find a role that will help you grow your own experience, we can help. Pulse are currently recruiting for a range of fantastic vacancies at ELFT, within psychology, psychiatry and allied health. We love helping people just like Besmira to find work that deepens their love for what they do. We’ve seen time and time again how these placements open doors to future opportunities and long-term career rewards.

We prioritise finding your ideal role, with every one of our recruitment consultants being passionate about helping you taking your career forward. This means we’re with you every step of the way, working with you to listen to your needs at each stage of the process. Our team build genuine partnerships with our healthcare professionals, celebrating successes together. And wouldn’t you like to find out the exciting places we can take your career?

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