Case studies

"Thank you for the support these past nine months" Kristina - Clinical Educator

How did you hear about the Pulse International team?

I applied to various positions online and was contacted by a Pulse Recruiter. The response time was impressive as I not only received an email but also a phone call within a few days of having applied.

What was the level of support you received from the team throughout the registration, interview and placement process?

I built a good relationship with the recruiter I worked with and very early on in the process her support and communication was prompt and responsive. She was astute at ensuring that my applications were submitted at the organizations I was most interested in and also in following up on the status of applications. It was evident to me that she made every effort to ensure solid communication between myself and the hiring organization.

Would you recommend the Pulse International team to colleagues looking for work? If so, why?

As someone new to the utilization of a recruitment service and also to the application for working abroad, I would recommend the use of Pulse International. It will ensure that you have the support you need as you work your way through what is an arduous and lengthy immigration process. I also appreciated working with someone one who is well versed in these matters. It certainly facilitates your journey through processes, and enables you to gain insight into the culture, the country, in an informed manner.