Things to do in Kuwait

The Avenues, the 360 Mall and Villa Moda stock everything up to the most luxury brands, but for a more traditional shopping experience, head to the Friday market (also known as Souq Al Juma) located in Shuwaikh. It is a huge open air space where you can buy everything from a cup of tea to Iranian antiques, pets, kitchenware, furniture, clothes and sun glasses. It gets busy in the evening when the heat of the day has abated.

For a taste of an old Arabian market, visit Souk Al-Mubarakiya to buy spices, sweets, vegetables, fish, fresh meat, clothing and souvenirs. Meanwhile Souq Sharq blends retail with cinemas, boutiques and food courts with panoramic views over the Marina.

The Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts shows artefacts from all over the Islamic world, Asia and Far East, while the Kuwait National Museum is great for insights on the early days of the nation. It also incorporates a decent planetarium with shows daily.

Beaches and the Green Island

Green Island is situated just off Kuwait's coast and was the first artificial island created in the Gulf region. The island links to the mainland by a 134m access way and offers visitors an artificial lake, restaurants, swimming pool cafes and a 700 seater amphitheatre. Beaches of soft white sand flank bright blue seas making this a popular spot for rest and relaxation.

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The Grand Mosque

Located opposite Sief Palace, the Grand Mosque is the largest of the city’s 800 mosques and boasts Kuwait’s highest minaret. It can accommodate up to 5000 worshippers in the main hall, with room for another 7000 in the courtyard. In the beautiful ceiling dome, are painted the words "Ama al-hosna", the 99 names of God. Visitors welcome.

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Kuwait Towers

Positioned on the Arabian Gulf Road in the heart of Kuwait City, the Kuwait Towers were designed to resemble traditional Arabian Rose water Sprinklers. Designed by Danish architect Rosales, Cass, inside the structure there is a coffee house and a revolving observation platform situated 123 metres above sea level that offers viewers an excellent panoramic view of the city.

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Liberation Tower

Located in the city centre, Liberation Tower is the tallest building in Kuwait; at a height of 372 metres it is the fifth-tallest communications tower in the world. Completed in 1993, it was originally named The Kuwait Telecommunications Tower but was renamed after the liberation of Kuwait. Lifts ascend to a viewing balcony and a revolving restaurant on the top level.

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The Old Souk

Traditional Markets still flourish among the modern supermarkets and malls of Kuwait. The souk area in central Kuwait City, known as Al Mubarakiya, in fact comprises around twenty different interconnecting souks. Each souk is made up of shops that each specialize in particular items, such as clothing hardware, spices or gold. A leisurely browse is highly recommended.

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Shopping centres, luxury malls and varied, energetic markets happily coexist throughout Kuwait. The largest shopping mall is The Avenues, located in the Rai area and incorporating a range of different shops. Salmiya, near Kuwait City, is the most popular shopping district. Find English language books at the Kuwait Bookshop in the Al-Muthanna Centre, Safat.

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