Bahrain’s weather

Bahrain WeatherBahrain has a tropical desert climate, but due to land reclamation very few beaches. Expect warm weather for most of the year and dry winters with average daytime temperatures of 22°C. Spring and autumn are pleasant, with dry weather and daytime temperatures of around 30°C.

The warm season lasts from May to October and the hottest time of the year is around the end of July, with an average high of 38°C and a low of 32°C.


What to wear

Light and loose fitting clothing made of natural fibres are best for the summer months whereas warmer clothing such as a jumper or light jacket will be needed for the evenings during the winter months.

In traditional areas, like the markets or souks, villages and rural areas, women should dress conservatively; long skirts below the knee level or even trousers are acceptable. In general, men can be less formal, while in the shopping centres in Bahrain the dress code is less strict.