Swab testing for your employees

The coronavirus swab test can show whether someone has the active virus (SARS-CoV-2) or not. If an employee is displaying COVID-19 symptoms (such as a continuous cough, fever, and shortness of breath), we would recommend a swab test. 

The test will be conducted by one of our qualified nurses and works by collecting cells from the back of the throat and nose, which are the sites where the virus replicates. The swab will be sent off to a lab for testing, and results usually come back within 72 hours. After conducting the test, our nurses would recommend employees go home and self-isolate, along with anyone else in their household, until the results are back. 

If the test comes back positive, it means that the employee currently has the virus. If it comes back negative, the employee does not currently have the virus.

Do you require swab testing in your workplace?

If you're interested in hearing more about our swab testing service, or would like a quote, please contact Sarah Chadwick on sarah.chadwick@pulsejobs.com or 07935 336 489. Alternatively, please complete the short form below and we'll be in touch.