Acacium Group Structure of Companies

Located within the European Economic Area

Accident and Emergency Limited

Carehome Selection Limited

Trading as:

  • CHS Healthcare

Broadcare Software Limited

Dunn Regulatory Associates LLC

Frontline Staffing Limited

Trading as:

  • Frontline Nursing
  • Frontline Social Work

General Medicine Group Limited

GP World Limited

Health Personnel Solutions Limited

Hobson Prior International Limited

Hobson Prior Europe GMBH

ICS Ingage Limited

ICS Operations Limited

Trading as:

  • Xyla Health and Social Services
  • Xyla Diagnostics
  • Xyla Digital Therapies
  • Xyla Elective Care

Independent Clinical Services Limited

Trading as:

  • Scottish Nursing Guild
  • Thornbury Community Services
  • Thornbury Nursing Services

Liquid Personnel Limited

Maxxima Limited

Pathology Group Limited

ProClinical Limited

ProClinical AG (Switzerland)

ProClinical GmBh (Germany)

Pulse Healthcare Limited

Trading as:

  • Bank Partners
  • Espirita
  • Xyla Health and Wellbeing
  • Pulse Allied Health Professionals
  • Pulse Doctors
  • Pulse Health Science Services
  • Pulse Nursing
  • Pulse Nursing at Home
  • Pulse Psychiatry
  • Pulse Psychological Therapies
  • Pulse Social Work

Surgical People Limited

Titan Recruitment Solutions

Locations Outside of the EEA

ProClinical Staffing Inc (USA)

ICS US Healthcare Staffing LLC t/a/ Thornbury Nursing Services (USA)

ProClinical Pte Ltd (Singapore)

ProClinical Consultancy (China)

Company Limited ProClinical K.K (Japan)

Pulse Staffing Australia Pty Limited Trading as:

  • Pulse Child Care Crew
  • ProClinical (Australia)
  • Pulse Nursing

Last updated April 8th 2021