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Are you a psychological health practitioner? If so, we’d love for you to join our free online CPD event, ‘Psychological management of long-term health conditions’.

Psychological management of long term health conditions

28th September 2023, 19:00

During this session you’ll learn:  

  • The differences between acute and long-term health conditions   
  • Psychological techniques to manage physical health conditions 
  • Increased awareness of the impact of physical health conditions on patients’ mental health  

This one-hour event will:  

  • Focus on the psychological impact of long-term physical health conditions  
  • Explore the relationship between psychological and physical health  
  • Review evidence-based approaches for the management of long-term physical health conditions 
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More about long term health conditions

Over 30% of people in the UK are living with a physical long-term health condition (LTC). 

How do LTCs affect people? 

Those living with LTCs often experience higher rates of mental health issues compared to people without an LTC, including depression and anxiety.  

Generally speaking, those experiencing LTCs alongside a mental health condition may have a poorer prognosis, an increased risk of mortality, incur higher healthcare costs, and have a poorer quality of life.  

What will you get out of this CPD event? 

We’ll focus on the relationship between LTCs and mental health, along with medically unexplained conditions, and the impact these difficulties can have on a patient’s quality of life.  

We’ll look at techniques to manage these difficulties, including cognitive behavioural therapy methods, and ways in which we can empower our patients to manage their difficulties themselves.  

Plus, the event will count as 1 hour of CPD, and you’ll get a certificate of attendance after the event for your records.  

Who should attend? 

Open to all psychological health practitioners, regardless of specialism. 

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About the presenter

I’m Zabair Hussain, a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist and high intensity manager at Xyla Digital Therapies. I’ve worked in both private and NHS settings, and I’m also an honorary lecturer at universities in England and abroad. I look forward to seeing you at the event!

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