User guide for ipoint Timesheets

Timesheet app for allied health, health sciences and psychological therapies professionals.

How to use ipoint

Create and submit timesheets for approval in a few simple steps with our ipoint timesheet app. Approved timesheets are processed instantly, meaning quicker payment for you.  

If you’re new to ipoint, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Creating an account

For ease, we create and set up your account for you; you’ll receive a username and password from the ipoint helpdesk which you will need to access your account. Once logged in, we recommend you change your password to something memorable and secure.

Logging in

Logging in to ipoint is simple. Simply enter your username (usually your email address) and password and click ‘Login’. Select your profession, and you’re ready to create timesheets. The app will keep you logged in for 14 days. For security reasons, after this period, you’ll have to enter your details again.

Reset password

If you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘Forgotten Password?’ on the home page and follow the steps to get a new password. You will receive a password reset link via email, which will expire 24 hours after you receive it. If you’re still having issues or are unsure of your username, select ‘Need help?’ to speak to a member of our team. 

Viewing your timesheets

You can view all timesheets in the ‘Your timesheets’ section of the app and filter by outstanding and submitted. There are four different statuses for your timesheets:  

  • Outstanding – timesheets that require submitting  
  • Submitted – timesheets you’ve submitted that are being processed by our payroll team 
  • Processed – your timesheet has been processed by payroll, the funds will reach your bank account within two working days  
  • Query(!) – unfortunately there is a query against your timesheet, please contact us on 01992 305 669 to rectify this

Creating and submitting a timesheet  

It’s quick and easy to create a timesheet using our app. We add provisional timesheets to your account based on the placements you are scheduled to work. All you need to do is add the hours you work and submit them for approval and payment. You will be asked to agree to the same declaration that is on our paper timesheets. The declaration needs to be agreed for every timesheet submitted.  

When submitting your timesheet, you will be prompted to pass your phone or tablet to your authoriser/manager for approval. They will check the details of your timesheet and authorise. They will have the option to receive a copy of the timesheet via email.  

Once authorised, your timesheet will be submitted for processing and your device will be handed back to you. If you are trying to submit a timesheet that isn’t on the app, please contact Sales Support to get this added.  

Please note: Future hours cannot be submitted. If you try to submit hours for a date in the future, these days will be removed and will not be included on your timesheet. 

Our app requires you to be online when submitting signed timesheets. You can save your hours in advance but the authorising signature will be lost if the timesheet is not submitted straight away. If you do not have access to a smartphone or compatible device then you can still submit a paper timesheet. 

Submitting a timesheet without a signature

If you’re unable to gain authorisation for your timesheet in person, you can submit without a signature and we’ll gain authorisation for you. Unfortunately, we cannot process any timesheets without approval, so please try to gain a signature wherever possible to reduce delays in payment.  

Payment delays

While we always do our best to reduce delays, there may be occasions when you do not receive payment as quickly as usual.  

  • Missing signature – we send your unsigned timesheets to the client for signature as quickly as possible, however we must wait for authorisation before we can process for payment. If you can, please prompt them to authorise the timesheet they have received via email  
  •  No bank details/new bank details required – if you are new to Pulse or have not worked with us in the last three months, please ensure you have sent us your bank details. We must update your bank details after every instance of inactivity of three or more months  
  • No placement on record – please ensure you advise your consultant if you start a new placement or have extended your current one so we can ensure a timesheet is available for you to submit  
  •  No reference – on occasion, we may require a reference number from a client who may not have provided this yet  

Our team will work to ensure any delays are limited.  

If you require further support, call us on 01992 305 669 or email  

Need further help?

Our team is on hand to support you. Get in touch with us using your preferred contact method:  

Tel: 01992 305 669  


Alternatively, you can call your consultant for help or advice or access help by clicking ‘Need help?’ on the login page. From this page, you’ll be able to call or email our team for assistance.