Online registration

The HCAs guide to getting started with online registration.

Thanks for choosing to register with us

This guide will support you with the first steps of registering – how to sign up for an account and what to do afterwards.

1. How to sign up

You’ll receive an email from us containing your sign up link. Click the link to open the sign up screen. Your email address and name will already be filled in for you. All you need to do is create a password, enter your date of birth and click ‘sign up’.

2. Welcome to your profile overview

To register with Pulse, simply complete the sections in your profile. There are 13 in total but when you first sign in you’ll only see 11 (further sections will be unlocked later).

Section three should be marked as ‘complete’.

Important: If section three is not complete and your profile is completely blank when you sign in for the first time, please contact us immediately. Filling in fields before contacting us could result in you losing your progress at a later stage.

Please take a moment to check the pre-filled information is correct.

Make any necessary changes, complete the other fields and save your progress using the ‘Save and continue’ button.

3. Continue to fill in your profile

Continue to complete the other sections of your profile in any order you wish.

Top tip: Checking your references often takes longer than other pre-screening processes, so we recommend filling in this section first to help speed up your registration.