Video interview tips for success

Video interview tips for success

The age of Instagram, Skype and YouTube means many of our candidates feel perfectly comfortable in front of a camera, but we understand that others may feel apprehensive. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for success.

Before the interview

  • Prepare yourself mentally in advance, just like you would for a face to face interview. Think about the achievements in your career to date and how you achieved them
  • Dress smartly, you still need to look the part
  • Find a quiet place with no distractions or chance of interruptions
  • Have any important information to hand just in case
  • Use the opportunity to do the practice question and listen / watch yourself back. This will help you perfect a good style as well as prepare you for the process ahead. Don’t worry, no one else can see your practice attempts

During the interview

  • Be clear and concise
  • Don’t move around too much or fidget, as the viewer may find this distracting
  • Be professional but enthusiastic
  • Remember: you can stop the interview between questions and return to it later using the link in your email invitation. However, once you’ve watched a question, you must answer it immediately

Why video interview?

We know how busy life can be. It’s not always easy or practical to find the time to attend an interview, particularly if it’s miles away from where you live. As part of our continuing commitment to improving our recruitment processes, we’ve invested in HireVue, a tool which allows us to interview candidates via video.

Video interviews are gaining in popularity; an increasing number of companies are using them at some stage of the hiring process and early indicators tell us that our candidates really like them. It’s easy to see why:

  • Interviewing with us via video means you don’t need to travel to our offices which saves you time and money
  • You can record your responses literally any time you choose. Either complete the on-demand video interview over the course of a day or two, or sit down and take 20-30 minutes to complete it in one go
  • You have two opportunities to answer each question so if you’re not happy with your first attempt, you can have another go
  • The faster and more thorough screening process means we can place you in a vacancy much faster

Feeling confident? Contact us to complete your online interview and move one step closer to registering with Pulse.

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