Tips for working in the community

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Tips for working in the community

Working within the community is extremely rewarding, but we know it also involves being on the move throughout the day which can be difficult to keep up with. It is therefore important to be organised to sail through the day, so here is our list of tips for working in the community:

  1. Remember your ID badge – you’re required to wear your Pulse ID badge at all times, so don’t forget it
  2. Take a packed lunch - buying lunch each day can be expensive so it’s best to take your own lunch with you. It also reduces the chance of being hungry if there isn’t a chance to buy lunch or there are no shops nearby
  3. Always pack a coat or umbrella – you never know with the British weather when the skies may open
  4. Pack sweets for the journey – it’s good to have some pick-me-ups between visits
  5. Make a good playlist for the car – listening to music is a great way to relax. It will also keep you in an upbeat mood and help you get through long days
  6. Wear comfortable shoes – wearing uncomfortable shoes can really dampen your day, especially when you are on your feet for most of it. Be sure to find a trusty pair of shoes that you can rely on to support your feet

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