Eight essentials that every nurse takes to work

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Eight essentials that every nurse takes to work

No matter what shift you’re on, these essentials see you through.

1. Water bottle - or any form of hydration to quench your thirst

Five hours in before my first drink - water has never tasted so good.

2. Supermarket painkillers – 29p, done

That one particular relative that was on your case all day – you know the rest…

3. Hair essentials - you can’t have too many clips

Everyone knows a nurse that has mastered the French plait during break

4. Snacks – you’ll put up with a lot, but not being hungry

And sometimes healthy just doesn’t cut it

5. Pens – as many as you can find

Who has my pen, again?

6. Deodorant – those scrubs show up every single bit of moisture

It’s also handy to pass to those who think deodorant is optional

7. Chewing gum - instantly makes you everybody’s best friend

Came to work with a multi-pack of gum, left with one

8. Spare shoes – anything that you don’t mind the outside world seeing you in

Those shoes are ready and waiting for the end of your shift

Every little helps to get you through your shift with a cool and collected persona (to the outside world anyway). Pulse Nursing thinks you’re awesome and want to thank you for your compassionate care on a daily basis.

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    Thank You! It made me smile. 10/10