5 Top Tips for NQTs

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Congratulations on becoming qualified as a teacher! This move into your first newly qualified role is as exciting as it is nerve wracking, but don’t worry - here are 5 top tips to help you get started.

1. Understand your classes’ engagement

Just like you, each child has a body clock that will allow them to be more engaged with your teaching at certain times throughout the day. Once you understand the key times for your class, you can use this to your advantage and teach more difficult topics when they are more likely to understand. Being in tune with this will also prepare you for when children are most likely to misbehave or distract others.

2. Vary your homework

Ensure that children get exposure to different types of learning by varying homework from written tasks to research, discussions with family members and activities that they can do at home. Not only will this allow for experience for each member of your class, but will also shake up your marking and allow you to be more engaged in their work.

3. We all make mistakes

Often we are too hard on ourselves when we make mistakes, especially when we are trying to make a good impression in a new job. It is important to remember that you are new, and that making a mistake is not only natural but is also a good opportunity to learn. Treat any mistakes like you would treat a student's mistake; identify what went wrong, and find a solution to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is no shame in asking for help. No-one will expect you to know the infrastructure or politics of your new school right away, and when it comes to teaching methodology or skills, you can only gain experience from asking someone who has been teaching longer than you. There will also be a vast amount of knowledge that you can gain from teachers who have varying techniques for their classes. Ask your colleagues what they do in their lessons that gets the best response from their class, and then try to adapt parts of it into your own technique.

5. Learn from your own experiences

When you were a student, there will have been that one teacher that inspired you. This teacher is more than likely the reason why you have taken this career path. When did he/she do to inspire you that way? Were there any particular teaching techniques that helped you learn faster, made you engage more? Use the techniques that inspired you to inspire others.

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