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Private sector nursing may be what you’re looking for

Here at Pulse we’re seeing an increase in nurses turning to the private sector for work. And for good reason….

With hundreds of private health providers across the UK, including hospitals, clinics and surgeries, opportunities within the private healthcare sector are diverse and plentiful.

As well as supplying the majority of the UK’s long-term care, the private sector also provides acute care services which play a very important role in reducing NHS waiting lists for routine surgery. And it’s not only those with private health care that benefit; in 2015, around 450,000 NHS funded elective surgery admissions were carried out in private hospitals. That's 5.6% of NHS patients being treated in private hospitals.

Private healthcare providers fall into three main groups: for profit; not for profit/registered charities; and voluntary. As well as hospitals and clinics, there is a broad spectrum of opportunities including private school nursing, vaccination clinics, health and product promotion and research programmes.

So what can you expect? Generally speaking, our nurses report back the following advantages:

  • Higher pay rates
  • Exposure to new environments
  • More diverse and interesting opportunities
  • Great opportunity to broaden knowledge and experience
  • Exposure to new products and medical innovations

It’s easy to understand why private sector nursing is becoming increasingly popular. We have a dedicated team focused solely on meeting the exacting requirements of our clients operating across this sector and are looking for experienced, personable and compliant professionals across the following specialisms:

If you’re interested in learning more you can contact the team or register now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    I am a paediatric epilepsy nurse specialist, previously a nurse consultant for palliative & complex care children and a community children's nurse by training. I would interested in knowing what community/school opportunities you may have. I am usually available on Tuesdays (term time only), although I would only look in north london for shifts as I live in north Hertfordshire.

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    I have worked full time for Pulse for 7 years in A&E and I would be very interested to hear what opportunities there are for next within the private sector.