We are a flexible employer

We recognise the demands of daily life and understand that it can be a challenge to maintain the right balance between work and personal commitments. That’s why we are fully committed to providing our healthcare professionals with the very best opportunities for flexible working.

By enabling alternative working arrangements, we can help empower employees, giving them more freedom and autonomy. Our healthcare professionals are less restricted by the standard working week and therefore better able to manage other commitments in their lives outside work. 

A flexible working pattern is a great option for those with a family or dependents to look after. However, studies have found that a more balanced approach to working can drastically help all employees. It has been found to increase productivity while also reducing work-related stress and rates of absence.

We believe that everyone has the right to work in a more flexible and balanced way but finding a role that accommodates this can be a challenge. At Pulse, we are proud to offer the very best opportunities for our healthcare professionals; we find roles that suit not only your experience but your requirements too.

We are recognised by Mumsnet as a flexible employer

As part of our commitment to providing suitable work for our healthcare professionals, we’ve been accredited by Mumsnet as a flexible employer. Mumsnet is the UK’s largest network for parents, working to support and empower employees; you can find out more here.