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English Teacher

It is true that trying to find the perfect school is as much of an ultimate goal for any teacher, as it can also be a struggle – at times, to absolutely no avail. Still, this otherwise painstaking process can be made much simpler and easier when the right people take the right action or actions on the teacher’s behalf, so that the latter mainly focus on what they love doing best: teaching. Pulse Education surely represents a good percentage of those ‘right people’, as they are most adept at ‘gauging’ the teacher’s needs and preferences and adapting the job hunt to cater for them in a personalized, yet impeccably professional manner.

In my experience with this agency, I started working almost as soon as I was cleared to work through them, and I have been kept busy with placements that are as frequent as they are rewarding ever since. Be it long term- or short term positions that the prospective teacher is looking for, Pulse’s team of recruitment specialists – Andrew and Keith in my case - is sure to accommodate them.

On the basis of the above, I cannot but unreservedly recommend Pulse to every and any teacher that is looking to kick-start their career in London, or the UK by and large.

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