International staffing

Pulse has been recruiting UK, Irish, European, Australasian, American and Canadian healthcare professionals for the Middle East since 2005. Since then we have placed over 150 candidates per year in permanent positions.

The demand for healthcare and non-clinical staff globally is increasing; we’ve responded with strong specialist teams based in the UK and Australia. We have also developed recruitment partnerships and presence across many other countries around the world.

We specialise in the permanent placement of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, non-clinical, non-medical and technical staff in to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The international team offers bespoke, end-to-end solutions and provides professional support to clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process. We can help in two ways:

Our CV service
We provide the most qualified and suitable candidates, as per the job description that we’ve received. Once interviewed, the recruitment of these candidates is taken over by the employer.

Our full recruitment service
This includes creating a marketing campaign, visa and mobilisation assistance, and a point of contact throughout. We partner with the hospital to ensure a smooth relocation.

As each of our clients is unique, we invest time and effort to understand your business, your customers, staff and ethos. A dedicated client relationship manager will contact you to discuss your requirements in greater depth. In addition to this they will ensure to visit you at least once every year to ensure a full understanding of your needs is maintained. Only when we have confirmed our findings with you will we proceed with the next stage of the process.

After gaining a thorough understanding, your account manager will work hard to ensure your requirements are effectively communicated. Any processes required will be put in place prior to recruitment initiatives being launched.

How we attract candidates:
• A dynamic database development strategy
• A high profile website
• Pay-per-click campaigns
• Advertising campaigns tailored to clients’ needs
• Recruitment road shows 

Candidate preparation
The international team will undertake a thorough assessment and selection process, which we will tailor to your requirements as part of a comprehensive recruitment partnership. At this stage we will filter through the most suitable candidates and put forward the best possible individual. Our assessment and pre-screening of candidates is rigorous.

Mobilisation and relocation services
Once the candidate has accepted the offer, we prepare full visa documentation; our ability to facilitate this process is helped by our global consular relationships.

We maintain frequent contact with each candidate throughout all stages of the process and we facilitate open communication between the candidate and the employer to ensure assimilation is as straightforward as possible. Friendships with existing members of staff who have already moved to the area are encouraged, so that new candidates feel supported from the outset.

If you are a candidate looking to work in the Middle East, or a healthcare provider looking for international staff, contact us on 0207 959 1105, or email