Doctors case study

Job title: Anaesthetic Coordinator

What roles were you looking to fill?  Were you working with other agencies to fill the role?

We use Pulse Doctors to fill ad hoc sessions (nights and long days) for SPR, SHO and staff grade gaps, the shifts can be for obstetrics, theatres or intensive care.

How did you hear about the Pulse Doctors team?

When I took over five years ago my colleagues said that Pulse was the agency to use and I’ve been using them ever since.

What was the level of support you received from the team?

The level of support has always been excellent, the team’s great.

How do you think Pulse differ from competitors?

The Pulse team have built long-term relationships with their clients here; I find that other agencies haven’t got such a good rapport.

Would you recommend the Pulse team and use them again? If so, why?

Of course, you supply us with good, reliable, regular doctors and are a pleasure to work with.