BGA Social Care Solutions

“I’ve always been impressed with the service I receive from Pulse. I mainly deal with one consultant and I’ve always found him to be attentive and thorough. I have always been totally satisfied with the staff supplied to me and I’d always contact them for help addressing my recruitment needs.” Director

  1. What roles were you looking to fill?  Were you working with other agencies?

    Over the time that I’ve worked with Pulse I’ve looked to have roles filled for social workers and team managers. My company deals with children services so finding candidates to fit those roles can take some time but Pulse made the process very easy and efficient.

  2. How did you hear about the Pulse social work team?

    I heard about the Pulse Social Work team via one of your recruitment consultants, Steve. I had an ongoing business relationship with him from 2005, so it was a natural to come to them as a client. Once I experienced the level of quality Pulse offered it was easy to continue working with them.

  3. What level of support did you received from the team?

    A significant level of support. I’ve been working in the social work sector for well over 20 years and the candidates I’ve dealt with who are good register with Pulse. It consistently produces staff of the highest quality.

  4. How did you find the recruitment process?

    The process was very easy and uncomplicated. I was guided and supported through every step of finding candidates to fill my roles. Steve was my main contact and his experience, advice and wealth of knowledge makes you feel confident you’re in good hands throughout the whole process.

  5. How do you think the Pulse team are different from competitors?

    Pulse’s customer service in its own right makes Pulse stand out from the competition alone. They’ve provided me with top quality candidates time after time and the ongoing support given to both me as a client and the candidates that Pulse place, all contributes to them being both different and better than the current competition.

  6. Would you recommend the Pulse team? If so, why?

    For all the above reasons, I would and have recommended the Pulse Social Work team.