Case Study

General medical surgical nurse, Natasha moved from Tasmania, Australia to London five months ago. She tells us about her experience…

“For me, moving from Tasmania to London alone was daunting and exciting in equal parts as there were so many big life changes and unknown factors ahead. Luckily though, one thing I didn’t have to worry about was finding work – Pulse took care of that for me.

Before contacting Pulse, I had researched literally hundreds of other nursing agencies in London. Pulse was by far the superior option for me; I like that it offers varied opportunities including private sector, community and hospital-based nursing. I was also attracted to Pulse’s competitive pay rates, training and development programme and opportunities for career advancement.

I established regular contact with my staffing consultants, Neralie and Grace whilst still in Tasmania. They were fantastic - supporting me from start to finish. They also helped me gain my nursing registration with the NMC, which is a stressful and difficult process. Even though we were in separate hemispheres I felt really connected to, and well supported. They were always available when I needed them and I really valued their friendly and helpful deposition and the advice and guidance they gave me. It just made the whole process of moving over and getting registered so much easier.

Upon my arrival in the UK, all the Pulse staff members were so welcoming and kind. They quickly arranged for me to complete the necessary training that’s nurses are required to undertake prior to working. Importantly, they also gave me healthcare assistant shifts until my NMC registration came through which allowed me to stay afloat financially. I found the work really enjoyable.

Since being registered, Pulse has provided me with some wonderful working opportunities. There is an abundance of work available and, because you give your working availability to the booking team (or update your profile on iPoint), there’s a lot of freedom to work where, and when you want. I’m currently working full time as a school nurse, which is such an interesting and rewarding role. The Pulse team members still check in with me regularly to answer any questions and make sure I’m happy and feel well supported. I’m due to start some ‘live in’ nursing work, which isn’t something I’d previously considered but I’m excited to pursue the different roles and career opportunities that Pulse has to offer.

I would definitely recommended Pulse to anyone considering a move to the UK. I‘m so grateful to all the brilliant staff there for everything they’ve done and continue to do for me.”