UK government to scrap fees for overseas nurses and healthcare workers

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Following mounting pressure from MPs, migrant NHS staff and care workers are set to be exempt from paying an extra charge towards the national health service.

All overseas workers in the UK must pay a fee known as the immigration health surcharge (IHS) for each year they remain in the country.

The health immigration surcharge on non-EU migrants is £400 per year and is set to rise to £624 in October 2020.

This covers the cost of accessing the NHS, whether they use its services or not, and on top of income tax, national insurance and other contributions.

It is understood that the plan to abolish these costs will extend to all NHS workers, including porters and cleaners, as well as independent health workers and social care workers.

A recent article published by the BBC News quoted Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nursing, Dame Donna Kinnair, stating the charge had created an “unfair and unjust financial burden”, adding: “At last the government has agreed with us…”

The fee has been described as hypocritical and divisive by politicians from the opposition parties, with some suggesting the fees should be scrapped all together or at the very least, waived for all overseas workers in line with other medical professionals.

…read the full BBC News article here

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