Did you know these 5 facts about Australia Day?

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Australia Day is all about celebrating Australia and all of those who contribute to making this such a diverse and dynamic nation.

We hope that all our staff are looking forward to the holiday and even if you’re working, we hope that you at least get to see some fireworks and maybe raise a glass at the end of your shift, if you choose to celebrate. But did you know these 5 facts about our country and its national holiday?

  1. Before Australia was ‘Australia’ it had quite a history…
  2. Aboriginal peoples have been living for more than 60, 000 years on the continent we now know as Australia. That’s over 1,600 generations of people! Since then, millions of people have chosen to make Australia their home from all over the world. And although the day is partly about BBQs, fireworks and spending some decent time at the beach, Australia Day is becoming more about integrating the history of the First Australians as well as the European landing and all that has happened since, woven together into one story of Australia and Australians.

  3. Australia Day wasn’t always celebrated on January 26th
  4. Really. Although NSW has always held a celebration for “First Landing Day” or “Foundation Day” as it was originally known, other states introduced their own holidays; Tasmania held a Regatta Day in early December that jointly acknowledged the landing of Abel Tasman in 1642 and its separation from New South Wales, whilst In Western Australia, Foundation Day on June 1st celebrated the arrival of settlers in 1829. South Australia’s Proclamation Day was held on December 28th.

    The first “Australia Day” was actually held on July 30, 1915 to raise funds for the war effort and it wasn’t until 1935 that all states adopted a common date and name for Australia Day to be held on January 26th.

  5. We don’t have an emu and a kangaroo on our flag just because they look cute
  6. The two animals featured on the Australian coat of arms have one thing in common - neither animal can walk backwards, but instead can only go forwards, symbolising Australia’s desire to do the same. We won’t mention the fact that we’re the only country to eat its national animal…

  7. The rest of the world has us to thank when they drink a classy vintage…
  8. Believe it or not, the wine cask is actually an Australian invention. We’re pretty good with our beer too - former Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a world record for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds.

  9. There’s approximately 23.5 million people in Australia
  10. That’s 4 million fewer people than live in the state of Texas, USA…But on the other hand we have 74 million sheep. That’s right - they outnumber us three to one. Never mind spiders (the last fatal spider bite was in 1981) perhaps it’s the woolly critters we should be worried about…

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