You said, we did

The latest Viewpoint updates for nursing, midwifery and theatre professionals.

We’ve been busy behind the scenes evaluating our latest Viewpoint survey results and would like to update you about some of the exciting improvements we are making. 


Technology is ever evolving, so there is always scope for innovation and improvement. While we’re pleased to say that after making some significant updates to our infrastructure in 2021, a small number of you have still encountered frustrations.

We continue to invest heavily to address these frustrations and make the ipoint user experience even better. We’re currently working on a feature which will make the booking process even better, we hope to be able to share more details in the next couple of months.

Don’t forget, you can update your notification settings at any time to make sure you’re first to hear about the shifts you want. Visit our user guide for more information.

Speed of pay

We take issues when it comes to your pay very seriously. In response to your feedback about delays to pay, we’ve implemented digital timesheets for paper timesheet based clients.

Digital timesheets increase speed to pay by automatically adding timesheets to the payroll queue, reducing processing time. They are currently being piloted to a small number of users, with the plan of rolling it out to everyone very soon. For more information on the benefits, watch our video here.

Rates of pay

Like all framework agencies, we must adhere to certain rates. However, we’re always proactively working with our clients and if rates are escalated, we will work with you to secure the best possible pay rate. We encourage you to continue to be honest about the rates you want. When rates are escalated, we ensure all of the increase is passed onto you.

We still have escalated rates on offer across all specialisms and locations, speak to your consultant for more details. We recently gave you the opportunity to earn more through our enhanced referral fee and our ‘1000 reasons’ promotion – where we paid out thousands of pounds in rewards. Please share your feedback on these schemes in our next survey. Here’s what some of you have had to say already:

” Thank you for acknowledging our hard work. The extra money is a big help ” 

” I would like to thank you for the extra £200 reward I received this week. I am proud and happy to work with you all ” 

Thanks once again for your continued participation in our Viewpoint surveys. If you would like to revisit some of our 2021 highlights, you can do so by clicking here.

Your feedback really does make a difference, and we will continue to share the improvements we are making with you. Look out for our next survey on 15 February.