Training and career progression

Over 10% of our employees have been promoted over the last year which we consider to be a great example of how employee development is fully supported. A number of our senior management team have been promoted from within and we aspire to create an environment where our employees can excel and have a rewarding career.

Employees are encouraged to work towards excelling in each of our core competencies: strives for quality, builds relationships, strong work ethic and gets results. They also have an opportunity to record and monitor their progress as part of their annual appraisal and selectively utilising 360-degree feedback. In addition, when employees put themselves forward or are identified by their line manager as being within a year of promotion into a management role, they are included in a workshop-led ‘Management Pathway’ programme along with colleagues from other areas of the business.

These interactive workshops focus on developing their skills in such areas as time management, motivation, business planning and coaching. The workshops also focus on our core competencies and individual priorities for succession planning and career enhancement. At the more senior levels, managers and directors have access to external one-to-one coaching and development, comprehensive 360-degree feedback and development plans along with joint initiatives as part of a ‘Key Roles and People’ programme, which is championed by the CEO.