Meet the team

Melanie Debnam

Internal Recruitment Manager

Melanie has 11 years' recruitment experience and has worked at Pulse for over eight. She started out as the only in-house recruiter and now oversees the internal recruitment team of eight, ensuring they’re finding and hiring people with the right talent and skills to join the business. The most rewarding part of her role is seeing the people she’s bought on board fulfil their potential and progress their career, either by becoming top billers in their specialist area, establishing new divisions or changing the shape of the business in operational support roles.

Outside the office Melanie loves spending time cooking and baking for her family and friends and is known for her ability to fire walk across hot coals.

Her advice for anyone considering work for Pulse is to “Do it. It’s an amazing company to work for. As long as you want to be successful, you will be”.

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Stephanie Melton

In-house Recruiter

Stephanie has nine years' recruitment experience and joined Pulse in May 2014. Her role involves talking to potential candidates, qualifying and matching their skills to the most suitable department, team and position in order to provide a professional and high quality recruitment service to directors, managers and staff.

The best part of her job is finding the perfect person and placing them into the perfect position. Even in the relatively short time Stephanie’s been at Pulse she’s already found top talent to join the rapidly expanding team.

Away from work, she spends time with her family and enjoys Italian cooking, although we’re not sure if that’s the actual cooking or just the eating. As a keen explorer, Stephanie has completed her PADI, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and skydived over the Fox Glacier.

Stephanie agrees with the Sunday Times Top 100 awards we’ve consistently won, saying “It really is a great company to work for”, and advises anyone considering applying for a job should always remember the three P’s: passion, personality and personal hygiene.

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Gerwyn Williams

In-house Recruiter

Gerwyn joined Pulse in August 2014 with over nine years' in-house recruitment experience. He liases with different part of the business to understand their hiring needs, provides support and advice to the hiring managers and finds them the very best people. He knows what he does really matters in changing people’s lives and because of this finds it easy to be excited and committed to excellence.

Laughing, eating and visiting new places are just a few of his favourite things, and he has the rare ability to be able to sing the entire Elton John catalogue without prompts or lyrics.

His advice to anyone wanting to apply for a role is to highlight responsibilities, strengths, skills and achievements in your CV and application form. Once accepted for interview, remember to simply stay calm, focused, personable and always make sure you do your research.

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