Recommend a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

Recommend a Friend

Terms applicable to this scheme


  • This offer is only valid between: Monday 9th March 2015 and Friday 1st May 2015
  • Recommendations are only valid if the recomendee is not registered with/has never registered with Pulse
  • This scheme is only applicable to recommendations of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) within the dates specified above

Claiming your bonus

  • Bonus amount: £500 once the recommendee has worked 200 hours
  • The recommendee must be a PWP
  • The Recommendee must be placed by the Pulse Psychological Therapies team between 2nd May 2015 and 3rd August 2015 for the Recommender to qualify for the bonus

All other standard terms apply

  • For definitions and our full set of terms click here.

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