Case studies

Bert Roex - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

How did you hear about the Pulse Psychological Therapies team?
I had heard of Pulse during the initial IAPT roll out through colleagues. When I wished a change in my employment, I got in touch myself.

What level of support did you receive throughout the registration, interview and placement process?
I've had a really positive experience working with Pulse; an established organisation offering a large range of placements. The team are honest and stick to their promises; I was never left worrying about what to expect. The entire process has been smooth and professional. I was advised about employers’ expectations and was empowered to match my skill set to the service requirements.

How do you think Pulse differ from competitors?
Pulse offers great continued support, unlike perhaps other agencies that leave you to your own devices after placement. The team’s honesty has given me realistic expectations that are continuously met. Administration processes, such as payslips and payments, are really well managed.

Would you recommend the Pulse Psychological Therapies team to colleagues? If so, why?
Absolutely; Pulse can make good things happen in a surprisingly short time frame.