Revalidation for doctors

Revalidation is a key process by which all doctors licenced through the GMC must demonstrate on a regular basis that they are up to date and fit to practice in their chosen field. At Pulse, we have a dedicated team to make this process as simple as possible, so that our doctors can concentrate on maintaining their high level of care.

Our revalidation team support you through:

  • Providing specialist expertise to individuals participating in appraisal and revalidation activities 
  • Working with the GMC (General Medical Council) and other professional bodies, to continually improve and develop excellent revalidation solutions
  • Promising strict compliance, quality and consistency in order to guarantee patient care and safety as well as protecting doctors

We strive to offer a service that supports you in all aspects of the revalidation and appraisal process.

Administration assistance

  • Expert doctors revalidation resource
  • Support via phone and email
  • Specialist revalidation software user support
  • Creation of a report on imported audit data and imported training data
  • Deadline alerts
  • Support in entering and maintaining scope of work, user profile and qualifications

Multi-source feedback

  • Access to doctors 360° multi-source online feedback tool
  • Alternative paper colleague and patient feedback facility
  • Creating reports assigned to supporting information categories

Appraisal management

  • Administration support with converting files, scanning and uploading supporting information
  • Doctor’s portfolio review
  • Ensure appropriate appraiser is allocated
  • Manage submission of appraisal notes to appraiser
  • Provision of Specialist Register Appraiser (optional)
  • Management of appraisal locations and date

Appraisal and revalidation

  • Access to GoToMeeting and support service
  • Management of webinar or face-to-face appraisals
  • Completion of appraisal outputs submission
  • Support in adjusting individual PDPs
  • Escalation process with a Clinical Director (if necessary)

Appraisal and revalidation follow up

  • Provision of an appraisal feedback questionnaire to be submitted to the Responsible Officer
  • Ensuring the download capability of complete portfolio
  • Co-ordination and management of next appraisal portfolio and deadline
  • Recording of notes made for reference

Management information

  • Doctor revalidation cycle tracking – annual appraisal, MSF, revalidation due date
  • Recording/adjusting conduct and capability concerns
  • Full list of doctors
  • Production of revalidation reports
  • Comprehensive review of clinical governance information
  • Manage and co-ordinate recommendations on revalidation to the GMC
  • Quality assurance of appraisal process and appraisers
  • Reports to Responsible Officer (when necessary)

Formatted reports

  • Production of appraisal progress summary reports
  • Creation of appraisal feedback summary reports
  • Responsible Officer recommendations
  • Production of recorded conduct and capability concerns summary
  • An overview of the concerns raised by appraisers
  • Creation of a report on imported audit data and imported training data
  • A summary of special circumstances e.g. maternity

For more information on how to prepare for your revalidation, see the NHS’s 10 steps to revalidation here.

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