Why work in Critical Care at King’s?

Whilst working at King’s, the Trust encourages everyone to work together to ensure they are the best in everything they do – now and in the future. That dedication to innovation and the desire to make a difference is key in what attracts people from around the UK and the rest of the world to work at King's.

To give you an insight into the valued nurses and their careers at the Trust, we’ve asked nurses who work at the trust to explain what makes King’s special.

"I came from a non-specialist hospital and to come to King’s felt like I came into the epicentre of excellence. It gave me a chance to learn specialty cases, as you have it all in ICU. We can treat every specialism."

“The recruitment process is quick and straight forward, I came from Yorkshire too! Pulse called me about the opportunities but I wasn’t certain at first. Once reassured about the move and career pathway that Kings had to offer, I was sold. There was good communication during the recruitment process, which was reassuring and comforting.”

“Working at King’s College Hospital has enhanced my skills as a nurse as I completed level 1 – 3 national competency within 3 years due to the exposure to different specialisms.”


The nurses at Kings are so intelligent and lovely to patients, I wanted to be a part of that.

To progress your training and advance your career at Kings, apply now or contact us for further details.

Why work at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust?