Frequently asked questions

Sometimes we all need a little help, so we've put together a list of the top 10 questions we get asked. If you still can't find what you're looking for in this section, contact us with your enquiry. 

  1. How do I join and register? 

    Contact us or register now

  2. How do I update my availability?

    You can let Pulse know your availability by adding this onto iPoint, calling or emailing us. We also recommend you check in with the booking team at least once a week to keep updated about long-term or ongoing opportunities that may not be on iPoint. In most instances the team will be able to book you into a shift while you’re on the phone.

  3. How do I register for ipoint or how can I access my log in information if this has been set up for me?

    ipoint is an online platform for you to be able to update your availability, view outstanding shifts, and book shifts. You can log on from ipoint and if you have any problems you can call the team on 01992 474 931. 

  4. What do I need to take with me to a shift?

    You will need to be prepared for all shifts with your uniform, timesheet and ID badge. If you are missing any of these items please speak to your consultant prior to your shift as some hospitals will not allow you to work the shift without a uniform or ID badge.

  5. How do I complete a timesheet?

    Time sheets will be given to you in your welcome pack. We can send you additional time sheets via email, fax, or post. Different trusts have different approaches to time sheets – some require reference numbers and signatures. Your bookings consultant will inform you of what is required to complete time sheets for specific trusts.

  6. Who do I call if there is a problem with my shifts or pay?

    If you experience any problems call your consultant. Essentially anyone from the team will be able to help. If you wish to escalate any issues ask to speak to a manager.

  7. How far in advance can I book my shifts?

    Generally if we have your availability we'll contact you as soon as we have work. Homecare and the private sector can be slightly more advanced, NHS work is usually authorised between one week and the same day of the shift, depending on the type of cover required.

  8. What elements will delay my payment once I submit a timesheet?

    If your timesheet is incomplete our payroll department will not be able to process the payment. This includes, missing dates and signatures from both yourself and the client signing the timesheet, as well as the ward or client name. Sometimes we receive scanning timesheets that are unreadable. If this is the case we'll ask you for another copy.

    The only other reason for not receiving payment on time is if the timesheet is not received by us by the timesheet deadline. Deadlines vary per hospital type so it's best to check with your consultant when booking.

  9. How long does the registration process take?

    We aim to have you out working within six weeks of registering. The speed of the registration process depends on how quickly you can send your documents and application pack completed and over to us - ideally, we need you to send you paperwork back within two weeks for this to happen.

  10. Why do I have to update my file annually?

    In order to maintain our high standards of compliance, we complete checks on all of our associates and therefore several aspects of your file will need annual updates. We make this easy by contacting you three months before they're needed to ensure there are no disruptions to your ability to work.